Monday, 22 November 2010

The big cat and the small cat

Hello there!

Just a very quick post tonight. I have spent far too long on this laptop and my lap is getting seriously warm.

I recently did a few animal drawings, for some lovely people on twitter as part of a giveaway.
Here are just two of them, the other two will follow shortly.
I drew this ginger moggy for @cowbiscuits, a lush lass from the southwest, with a great fashion blog. She gave this to her mum.

My second big cat was for the lionman of Brighton @joecoyne from Fat Sand Productions

Right then, I'm off, bed is calling out to me.

Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Happy Birthday Stanley Bill

It is one of my many nephews birthday. This is the card I made for Stanley Bill, he is 4 today.

Beautiful Things


I thought I would open up my blog a bit so it isn't just my work but it's also things I love and interesting/pretty things I find.

To start I would like to show you some of the nice vintage china, furniture and embroidery that I have been given and that I have found in charity shops.

A beautiful Royal Worcester coffee jug (I think) from Oxfam in Brighton

My fantastic boudoir chair given to me by my Mother from Marigold in Chichester

(it has pink tassle fringing on the bottom!)

Lastly my lovely embroidered peacock from St.Wilfreds Hospice in Chichester

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Russian Fish Lady

Whats that smell?? It's the russian fish lady.

I drew her for a wallpaper design originally, I had a little play with her this evening and came up with this simple image.

Hope you like her.

I love russian dolls, I recently purchased a set which look like the seven dwarfs from Snow White, a rare find in Oxfam, Brighton.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday night in.


It's Friday and I am staying in......oh my. I have had a few hectic weeks involving the spectacular Bestival which was incredible fun. Fever Ray had to be a highlight, she was just insanely intense and well worth pushing our way to the front for an ambient sway. I watched her Seven video earlier and it's brilliant, all my favourite things in one;old ladies, chickens and hairy faces, take a look here.

So I best upload a few little piccies.

This piece is something i have been experimenting with this evening, I am not entirely sure I like it! I have named it Bird Sick, lovely title hey?Let me know what you think chaps.

Also here is another card I drew for a colleague who's birthday it is tomorrow. Isn't she cute?

Just to round things off, I discovered yesterday that myself and a dear friend are featured in a 2011 Brighton Calendar, by complete chance i came across it and it's literally made my week.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, goodnight.

Monday, 26 July 2010

oooo Its been a while

Well hello there!

Oh dear its been such a long time since i said bonjour
! This will be short, but super sweet i'm afraid, as i am frantically typing with about 10 minutes left of my lunch at Leapfrogg HQ.

I have been drawing lots recently but mostly for my blessed friends and family, providing them with unique (some slightly weird) birthday cards. So i thought i would share some of these with you now.

Im thinking more and more i should have my own little card business, what do you think chaps??

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Festival Wrapping

Evening Chaps,

Well I have managed to do a third wrapping paper design for Frinton Press. This time it is Bestival themed with glorious festival goers(Adam, Carl and I), bunting and glitter balls. We are of course heading there again this year for more madness and mayhem.

I have now submitted my artwork, so fingers crossed they like them.
And here is the 3rd and final.....

Oh, and happy voting for tomorrow!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Wrapping Paper


Tonight I have been mostly working on wrapping paper designs for a competition at Frinton Press. My housemate Marius urged me to give it a go. I was so tired when I got home tonight, I didn't think I had the concentration to eat dinner (yummy meatballs and pasta) let alone working out how to do repeat pattern on photoshop.

It was actually a little less daunting than I thought, and was really rather enjoyable. I'm a little concerned the lines are not thick enough due to shrinking the original drawings. The deadline was tomorrow but they extended it to next week so I still have time to do another design, while tweaking the ones below.

Here they are in repeat:

Russian Fish Doll.......
Mexican Wedding.......

I hope you like them!?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Girls.

Its Sunday evening, it seems as though I do most of my posts on Sunday. I need to blog more often!

Anyway, i wanted to share a special image with you. My boyfriend introduced me to the little feathery (or not so feathery) girls about two weeks ago. Here they are.....

I love them so much. Two of my favourite things are knitwear and hens. It's an organisation called Little Hen Rescue that help to re home the working girls from battery farms. There's a group of Somerset knitters producing these lovely little jumpers for donation to the Little Hen Rescue. The jumpers will keep them nice and warm as they have lost most of there feathers! I think its brilliant and i want to adopt one. I'd call her Maudy and she would wear the jumper on the far left.

Here is a bird i have drawn with a few more feathers and a magic tail trail. I think she would look good in knitwear too.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Odd Couple.

Its Tuesday evening, i have been swimming and had quite a lot of chocolate milk. Thought i would show you the finished "Birdman" seductively draped over my beautiful floral 1.5 seater conservatory sofa.He isn't really being seductive, i just like that word. Anyway there he is. He is approximately 50" x 70" and he needs a home well a frame to house him. I'm struggling to decide what frame to go for and i have realised i should of cropped him after i had bought the frame, but hey ho. I'm currently working on his sexy partner "Catwoman" she is going rather well but i need to finish her.

My boyfriend said she looks like she has two black eyes all bruised and battered. I can assure him and you that Birdman doesn not believe in domestic violence and that she is just lucky to have such pretty coloured eyes.

So thats the two of them. I have a few little projects on at the moment so im keeping busy. I have been designing bits of my website homepage which my blog title now reflects. I hope one day soon ill be a well know Brighton Artist, heres hoping.

And i just have to show you how lovely my bedroom looked on Saturday morning. I made my housemate Jody a birthday breakfast and we sat round the coffee table munching away in the sunlight. Have a gander.

Goodbye one and all.
Oh and i'm terribly sorry if i've made any tragically damning spelling mistakes......punish me!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hairy Cat on the wall.

Ahaaaa hello there, Its Monday. Its 23:03. Its bed time but its also new post time. I had an urge to share and show you something.
I have decided to take photographs and get others to photograph my work among the different houses it lives in. I was at my parents the other weekend and took a wee photo of the Hairy Cat at the top of the stairs.

This was my Mothers birthday present last year. She opened it in front of my massively large family and little sniggers errupted. As they could see nothing other than a tiny little pee wee.

For some reason people seem to think that phallic symbols appear in many of my drawings. I have in the past noticed this, but by no means is this an intentional act.

I am of course a sweet and innocent gal!?

Can you spot the phallic imagery??

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Weird and Wonderful Collaboration

I havnt done many collaborations in my time, but i think its time to start. Every artisit is different and to then get involved with another creative person is scary yet exciting. Not sure what kind of boundaries you might cross and lines you might blur. One evening myself and my dear friend Rachel sat down together for a nice chillaxing evening. We decided to get my sketchbook out and do a little collaboration of sorts. We wanted to pick a location and the location we picked was the beach. A love to all. Rachel and i dont tend to sit in silence very much, but we sat there that wintery eve and didnt mutter a word while we scribbled away in my little sketchbook.

There was not really a moment when we realised what we had created, until it was time to take a look from further back. We immediately burst into laughter. We could really describe what we had done. It was somewhat a hideous masterpiece. And i love it to this day, i think without a doubt most scenic beaches throughout the country should look and feel like this in the summer time.

So without further ramblings.......i present to you Libby and Rachels collaboration.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some new things i done.

Just thought i would post up a few new drawings i have done recently. And one Mr. "Birdman" i am currently working on, he is stuck to my bedroom wall. My wall is the best studio i have, at least i can hear the drunks of Western road while i'm hard at work, trying to be creative. Actually i did have a nice chat with a Big Issue man the other day. He wanted to see the drawings i was holding. He seemed very interested and i showed him. Then he proceeded to tell me to 'not work too hard'............

Ahhhh the Diamond Doll.

Quote from my sister "Fire breathing rabbit with long hair"

American progress.

My big Birdman, he is in progress. He is awaiting a colourful striped t-shirt.
And i would now like to show you little Deric. I drew him for someone special. This ones for you Deric!