Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Girls.

Its Sunday evening, it seems as though I do most of my posts on Sunday. I need to blog more often!

Anyway, i wanted to share a special image with you. My boyfriend introduced me to the little feathery (or not so feathery) girls about two weeks ago. Here they are.....

I love them so much. Two of my favourite things are knitwear and hens. It's an organisation called Little Hen Rescue that help to re home the working girls from battery farms. There's a group of Somerset knitters producing these lovely little jumpers for donation to the Little Hen Rescue. The jumpers will keep them nice and warm as they have lost most of there feathers! I think its brilliant and i want to adopt one. I'd call her Maudy and she would wear the jumper on the far left.

Here is a bird i have drawn with a few more feathers and a magic tail trail. I think she would look good in knitwear too.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Odd Couple.

Its Tuesday evening, i have been swimming and had quite a lot of chocolate milk. Thought i would show you the finished "Birdman" seductively draped over my beautiful floral 1.5 seater conservatory sofa.He isn't really being seductive, i just like that word. Anyway there he is. He is approximately 50" x 70" and he needs a home well a frame to house him. I'm struggling to decide what frame to go for and i have realised i should of cropped him after i had bought the frame, but hey ho. I'm currently working on his sexy partner "Catwoman" she is going rather well but i need to finish her.

My boyfriend said she looks like she has two black eyes all bruised and battered. I can assure him and you that Birdman doesn not believe in domestic violence and that she is just lucky to have such pretty coloured eyes.

So thats the two of them. I have a few little projects on at the moment so im keeping busy. I have been designing bits of my website homepage which my blog title now reflects. I hope one day soon ill be a well know Brighton Artist, heres hoping.

And i just have to show you how lovely my bedroom looked on Saturday morning. I made my housemate Jody a birthday breakfast and we sat round the coffee table munching away in the sunlight. Have a gander.

Goodbye one and all.
Oh and i'm terribly sorry if i've made any tragically damning spelling mistakes......punish me!!