Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some new things i done.

Just thought i would post up a few new drawings i have done recently. And one Mr. "Birdman" i am currently working on, he is stuck to my bedroom wall. My wall is the best studio i have, at least i can hear the drunks of Western road while i'm hard at work, trying to be creative. Actually i did have a nice chat with a Big Issue man the other day. He wanted to see the drawings i was holding. He seemed very interested and i showed him. Then he proceeded to tell me to 'not work too hard'............

Ahhhh the Diamond Doll.

Quote from my sister "Fire breathing rabbit with long hair"

American progress.

My big Birdman, he is in progress. He is awaiting a colourful striped t-shirt.
And i would now like to show you little Deric. I drew him for someone special. This ones for you Deric!