Thursday, 18 February 2010

Weird and Wonderful Collaboration

I havnt done many collaborations in my time, but i think its time to start. Every artisit is different and to then get involved with another creative person is scary yet exciting. Not sure what kind of boundaries you might cross and lines you might blur. One evening myself and my dear friend Rachel sat down together for a nice chillaxing evening. We decided to get my sketchbook out and do a little collaboration of sorts. We wanted to pick a location and the location we picked was the beach. A love to all. Rachel and i dont tend to sit in silence very much, but we sat there that wintery eve and didnt mutter a word while we scribbled away in my little sketchbook.

There was not really a moment when we realised what we had created, until it was time to take a look from further back. We immediately burst into laughter. We could really describe what we had done. It was somewhat a hideous masterpiece. And i love it to this day, i think without a doubt most scenic beaches throughout the country should look and feel like this in the summer time.

So without further ramblings.......i present to you Libby and Rachels collaboration.

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