Monday, 22 February 2010

Hairy Cat on the wall.

Ahaaaa hello there, Its Monday. Its 23:03. Its bed time but its also new post time. I had an urge to share and show you something.
I have decided to take photographs and get others to photograph my work among the different houses it lives in. I was at my parents the other weekend and took a wee photo of the Hairy Cat at the top of the stairs.

This was my Mothers birthday present last year. She opened it in front of my massively large family and little sniggers errupted. As they could see nothing other than a tiny little pee wee.

For some reason people seem to think that phallic symbols appear in many of my drawings. I have in the past noticed this, but by no means is this an intentional act.

I am of course a sweet and innocent gal!?

Can you spot the phallic imagery??


  1. phallic!!!!
    only use words you can spell!

  2. i stand corrected!
    i have amended the mistake.
    YOU are rude.

  3. I do love the falik imagery here libs well done :)