Saturday, 26 March 2011

Some Bits and Bobs

I have not updated me blog station since January, naughty Libby!

The sun is shining on Brighton today, I am typing this on my new laptop and we are going to have a picnic shortly, yes it's all so bloomin lovely.

But enough of that lets see some pictures.

Below is a print I made for my little niece Ada. Giraffe's, strawberries, diamonds and cakes.......all a girl should ever need.

Another print I did for Miss. Mabel, my other niece. She has not seen this yet because it got lost in the post! Very annoying. It will be printed again and up on her wall very soon.

Well that was a quick little snippet, I have more exciting news to share and pictures to show but I shall do that later because the sunshine is calling.