Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beautiful Things


I thought I would open up my blog a bit so it isn't just my work but it's also things I love and interesting/pretty things I find.

To start I would like to show you some of the nice vintage china, furniture and embroidery that I have been given and that I have found in charity shops.

A beautiful Royal Worcester coffee jug (I think) from Oxfam in Brighton

My fantastic boudoir chair given to me by my Mother from Marigold in Chichester

(it has pink tassle fringing on the bottom!)

Lastly my lovely embroidered peacock from St.Wilfreds Hospice in Chichester


  1. Wait till you see the 1960's Formica table and chairs I have won on ebay!! Just trying to get it to delivered!! Fingers crossed!

  2. ooooo sexy!I need a formal invite to the new pad Miss.Adams!