Saturday, 16 April 2011

No teabags

Saturday morning, no teabags!!! I nearly had a hissy fit in the kitchen on my own, but thought it would be rather embarrassing if my housemate was to walk in, to see me waving the empty tea tin in the air and stomping up and down on the foot stool. So I made a green tea and have decided to write a blogpost to redeem whatever may be left of this not so sunny morning in Brighton.

There are a few things I would like to share today; two commissions and a lovely trip home to Pallant House Gallery with my mummy to see the Robin and Lucien Day Exhibition.

Commission uno.

I offered my services to the Brightwest (Twestival) this year by producing two prints for the raffle. Twestival happens all over the world. It's a single day where cities and local communities rally together with the aid of social media to raise money and awareness for local non -profitable charites within their city, what a great thing to do, huh? Brightwest was raising money for Crewclub, a organisation providing opportunites and a safe place for young people. So on Thursday the 24th of March lots of tweeters joined forces at the smugglers loft and enjoyed a brilliant pirate themed night to raise money and awareness for Crewclub, I unfortunately could not make it in the end but I hear it was a roaring success with many a sore head the next day. So here are the two prints that were raffled off......... A closer look at helter skelter head. Commission dos
Last month I was asked to do a little commission for someone's birthday. The ladies birthday who it was apparently adores Daschunds and that of course ended up being the subject of the drawing. I just LOVE drawing animals so for me this was such an enjoyable commission to do. I haven't yet heard whether she liked him or not, but I do hope she did because it was tough sending him off. Here he is.... Now I just want to share a few images from my visit to the Robin and Lucien Day exhibition. It was just too exciting seeing all her beautiful work up close, I wanted every piece of furniture in my room re-upholstered with her fabrics. Here are a few of my favourites.

Aren't they gorgeous, the last one is infact a teatowel, I could never use it as a teatowel especially as ours get so filthy and gross it would ruin it completely!

So that is it for now, I have lots of little exciting bits on at the moment and will let you know all about them in the not so distant future.