Saturday, 17 January 2009


To start off my adventure on Blogger here are some images from my Degree Show in Summer 2008.

Shown here is the left hand wall, displaying about 34 framed pieces of work, most are drawings of people i had observed, including faces, hands feet etc. There were also small frames with text in. The text explained written descriptions of other strangers i had observed , what time i saw them, the date and where.

This shows the right hand wall of my space with another one of my large characters ( this lady was of my favorites that i photographed, she was angry with her child on the beach and was tugging at its leg). The shelves here were displaying five handmade books.

These are a couple of stranger men i photographed and drew on white bread and butter paper using black fine liner and felt tip. The technique i used made the illusion that they could actually be prints., which was very effective.

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