Thursday, 12 March 2009

I have a red nose.

He hasn't just got a stinking cold, he has a red nose because its Comic relief tomorrow. That comedy charity based mayhem of the year. Tomorrow for this great cause we, my sister Rosie and I shall be running into the Brighton sea. One of us dressed as a Care Bear and the other in a wedding dress. I was given the incentive to do this at Leapfrogg, where i work and where Rosie is the MD. I stupidly thought running into the sea in March would be a great idea and now i'm starting to worry just how cold its going to be. I have raised, i think, just over £200 so i think it will be worth it. We wont just have red noses we will have very red bodies when we stumble back on to the cobbles. We shall alsoo be featured in the Brighton Argus just to add to the humiliation. So if you are on the beach just left of the old pier at 11 o'clock you may catch this spectacular site.

So good luck to all those who are doing something funny for money. Wish us good luck, and hope that the front page of The Argus wont be 'Care bear and Bride drown for a good cause'!!!!

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