Monday, 9 February 2009

Miss Mabel

I try to stay away from drawing portraits as whenever i try these days tey always end up looking a bit freaky and wonky and dont give the person any justice. I was asked my sister to draw a portrait of my neice Mabel for her birthday, and i think i succeeded in recreating a likeness to her, so im rather happy with it in that respect. Here is the little munchkin.

I made a book for my nephew Stanley on his 1st birthday. It was called his nearest and dearest and on each page was apicture of all our family, unfortunately none of the pictures looked anything like the family member, highly amusing for all to see and i informed everyone that i had to re-do my Dad because my first attempt made him look like a creepy paedo.......... woops!

Its boring if they look too like the subject i find now, its far more interesting to do your own representation and far more amusing when you get the eyes completely wrong and a bit wonky.

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